Hike of Castle rock mountain.

I have driven past this massive spire in the Arizona desert for years. Now that I am hiking more, I thought it would be a great thing to tackle. T, of course, was game to trail blaze. I did some research via Google/Maps prior to the hike, and made sure we had our essential supplies (sun screen, warm layer, snacks, etc.). We approached from the west side through a wash, thinking it would make for the easiest route. Then, exploring our options for descent at the top, we found a small trail on the east side.


Red: The way we went up. Blue: The way down/small trail.


American Flag on the mountainfbp-19-of-37fbp-27-of-37fbpcell-1-of-3fbp-31-of-37fbp-35-of-37fbpcell-3-of-3



Annie Canyon and Bike Ride

In mid-2016 a little slot canyon in Solana Beach was reopened to the public. It had been closed for some time due to its fragile condition and some vandalism. We wanted to go check it out. The hike is quite short, so we also racked up our bikes and planned a ride along the coast shortly after.


The view once you make it through the slot canyon.fbp-28-of-30


South Tahoe Bound

For this week’s entry I wanted to recap our road trip to South Lake Tahoe. We drove nine hours from sunny San Diego to snow-dusted Christmas Valley. Due to the short length of our stay, I didn’t capture as many photos as I would have liked, but we had a fun, relaxing time amidst the first snow of the season.

I am quite happy to say we will see more snow yet before winter’s end.



T pointing out the summit of Mt. Whitney to me.

I’m bad at snow angelsfbp-11-of-11fbp-4-of-11