Trip to the Zoo

I consider myself very lucky to be a native of San Diego. When I tell with people on our travels, where we are based; I normally get the first response of “oh, sunny San Diego?”. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love San Diego for it’s contestant 72°. But What comes to first to mind when i describe San Diego, is the attractions. San Diego is the micro brew capital of






Miles of traffic so slow it renders my speedometer useless, sidewalks and underpasses filled with Hoovervilles, and people that have spent more money on their face than I have on my car…. That is how I would have described Los Angeles in the past. However, after T and I decided to take our brand new bikes up for a museum jaunt, I am happy to say that I now have a new view of LA.  We parked for free in Koreatown, and rode several miles to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (also known as LACMA). The busy streets made all the more treacherous by a rather large storm that hit in and around downtown.

One soggy hour later, we arrived at the museum. We took our time perusing “At Home with Monsters,” an exhibition of filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s personal collection of curious and macabre artifacts, drawings, and concept film art from which he draws his inspiration. To save both you the readers and me the photographer, there are no lame images of cool items inside glass cases.

6 miles…. In a hurricane….each way….





-A day at the Huntington

“walking the gardens”

There is a wonderful gem located in San Marino, California: The Huntington Library. The Huntington’s current holdings contain more than seven million items. A collection ranging from rare books and letters, and manuscripts by the likes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, which is impressive in its own right. However this property has much more. It has 120 acres of specialized botanical gardens. Some of those include a desert garden, Japanese garden, and an ever growing Chinese garden. Being that this was my first time to this wonderful place. I focused on walking the gardens.

Library’s website: