Annie Canyon and Bike Ride

In mid-2016 a little slot canyon in Solana Beach was reopened to the public. It had been closed for some time due to its fragile condition and some vandalism. We wanted to go check it out. The hike is quite short, so we also racked up our bikes and planned a ride along the coast shortly after.


The view once you make it through the slot canyon.fbp-28-of-30



South Tahoe Bound

For this week’s entry I wanted to recap our road trip to South Lake Tahoe. We drove nine hours from sunny San Diego to snow-dusted Christmas Valley. Due to the short length of our stay, I didn’t capture as many photos as I would have liked, but we had a fun, relaxing time amidst the first snow of the season.

I am quite happy to say we will see more snow yet before winter’s end.



T pointing out the summit of Mt. Whitney to me.

I’m bad at snow angelsfbp-11-of-11fbp-4-of-11


Morning Ride For Caffeine & Kitties

For this ride, T and I wanted to go straight into downtown San Diego. So we loaded up the camera and headed to the Gaslamp quarter, where there is a special cafe. It has your usual lattes, cappuccinos, and cookies, places to lounge and read. But what makes it unique?  This cafe features a play room with half a dozen or so adoptable cats, which you can pet and cuddle with to your heart’s content, provided you’re a nice person.  You can get your kitty fix and de-stress, all while helping local rescue organizations find loving homes for them. These cats are selected to be accepting of both cafe customers as well as other cats. Even still, to ensure that the cats are not overwhelmed by too many visitors, they have access to a private back room where they may come and go as they please.


fbp-2-of-12fbp-6-of-123ridesfbp-1-of-4fbp-10-of-12img_2775Noah </3



-A day at the Huntington

“walking the gardens”

There is a wonderful gem located in San Marino, California: The Huntington Library. The Huntington’s current holdings contain more than seven million items. A collection ranging from rare books and letters, and manuscripts by the likes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, which is impressive in its own right. However this property has much more. It has 120 acres of specialized botanical gardens. Some of those include a desert garden, Japanese garden, and an ever growing Chinese garden. Being that this was my first time to this wonderful place. I focused on walking the gardens.

Library’s website: